Why Ask for a referral before you go house hunting out of town?
When moving to a new area outside Virginia there are many critical decisions required when purchasing a home. With little knowledge of the area the most critical decision is choosing an expert Realtor that is qualified to assist you. By asking us to pre-qualify an agent in your area of interest assures you that the agent has the tenure and knowledge and systems in place to service your requirements successfully. You can be rest assured that those Experts are working in your best interest. As a purchaser there are no additional fee's since this is a free service to you.
Whether you're relocating across town or across several time zones, you can rely on Pete & Cynthia to find the best Realtor for you. Having been certified by two separate Brokerage companies as certified relocation agents gives us the ability to understand the critical nature of a relocation to a new area. We'll listen to you, and recommend an agent that understands and has knowledge of your area of interest. Please call us for a referral to an Experienced Professional Realtor in the area of your relocation at NO COST TO YOU !